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Susan Mann
I look forward to the opportunity to share with you through GASTRO CAMINO a unique and special experience of gastronomy, wine, landscapes and travel. We will explore some of Spain’s unique heritage and culture, learn of the historic pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela traveled by many from all over the world for more than a 1,000 years, and DISCOVER GALICIA, northern Spain, where I am currently living.

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Welcome GastroCamino
I was born and raised in Southern California growing up in a small beach side community of La Jolla – San Diego, CA where we spent most of our time outside enjoying nature.  The joy of nature and exploring is one of the reasons I am passionate about sharing with you the beautiful countryside of  Spain, Portugal and the secret treasures of the Camino. Incredibly intoxicating cultures, rustic, historic, vibrant and alive. On our journey you will discover spectacular views with glorious landscapes of colorful forests,  amazing mountains, breathtaking rivers and incredible historical monuments. To lose oneself in the Camino is to find oneself.
Gastro Camino creates memorable journeys that have many treasures for us to explore.  Secrets of all kinds that once you experience the beauty and magic of these incredible places you will want to share the secrets of the camino and your travel adventures with others.  We invite you to join us as we make this amazing culinary and travel adventure as we discover history embedded in stone walls and view sites of exceptional beauty. With every step we will imagine what these paths were like before they became roads and throughout our journey we will share in flavors that speak of the past.
Together we will create memories of new experiences walking in nature and discovering more of how this land has called people from all over the world to share in a journey of discovery. We will learn the historic local traditions, taste delicious local cuisine and celebrate new friendships over meals in countryside settings all creating heartwarming memories you will enjoy sharing with your family and friends back home.
For many years I worked in high technology, luxury lifestyle magazine publication, film finance and distribution, and philanthropy and know how busy and hectic life can be. Having lived in Galicia for almost five years and during that time experienced five very special and personal individual camino’s. Beginning on the French Way: one in the fall of 2011 from O Cebreiro in Galicia  to Santiago de Compostela 170 km, as well as, in 2012 from Roncesvalles, on the border of Spain and France some 790 KM to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and 2013 a wonderful “Fin De Año” year end camino from Sarria visiting with many of the locals I have been blessed to have met and have made my time living on the camino so very special. I continued my personal camino journeys of discovery in 2014 by walking the Camino Invierno from Monforte De Lemos, known as the Winter Way, but I like to call it El Camino Del Vino which helped inspire my Gastro Travel Program El Camino Del Vino celebrating the unique wines enjoyed while making my Camino adventures. I continued my personal explorations in walking the Via De La Plata the Silver Way from Ourense to Santiago and each year enjoy “Walking The Ways In Galicia” from the other official Camino routes in addition to taking private groups to experience our Gastro Camino Journeys.
GASTRO CAMINO Journeys understands how important and valuable your time is and we have worked hard to create an experience, a unique adventure, exploring the wealth of culture, incredible landscapes and gastronomy that you will delight in discovering the secrets of this alive, magical, and welcoming land.  Gastro Camino Journeys are extraordinary experiences an “evocative destiny of emotions and sensations”, an experience like no other, feel as if you are wrapped in an air of fantasy and mystery, an adventure to experience and to discover secrets of it and yourself. Full of flavor the route is a culinary voyage that inspires both your spirit and your palate!
Enjoyment, and pleasure are the best of motivations – unrepeatable journeys… To see, touch, taste and smell. Our unique travel experiences take you to incredible locations with our own professional photographer and chef enjoying deliciously fresh local cuisine, Michelin rated chefs, wine sommeliers and local experts helping you explore and capture these incredible places in your own unique way creating memories you will treasure forever.
 Experience a journey that stimulates your soul and your palate. One full of stories and the ideal place to imagine it. We will experience settings where you can still hear the voices of the past.
GASTRO CAMINO invites you to journey with us to DISCOVER Spain, Portugal, the Camino´s Secret Treasures and EXPERIENCE ESPAÑA ™ –  All for you to enjoy!

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